Toronto Streetwear

Let's be honest. Most "streetwear" brands can make you feel very unwelcoming when you enter their storefront - No eye contact, no helpful sales associate, not even a "hello" in most cases. Even on social media, it seems faux pas for these brands to interact with their customers and make them feel welcome. Why is this? Why do we support brands like these? I am tired of seeing these streetwear brands try to maintain their "cool" factor and think that failed customer service would help accomplish that.

Definition of tight knit: closely integrated and bound in love or friendship
a tight knit family

Welcome to Tight Knit Clothing. I wanted to build a brand that everyone could enjoy. I wanted to bring back good vibes, good customer service. I wanted to create a brand that you could rock without any negative connotation. Inspired by hip-hop, the city of Toronto and street culture, Tight Knit Clothing was created as a brand to be shared with everyone - it's based on that tight knit family feel.

We have worked with local artists and content creators like Masta AceKardinal Offishall, Ryan Shepherd, The Fix Podcast, The Pals PodcastMiles JonesGordon RossKayoClassified, Dank from Frank N Dank, Niall Sexton, Locals Only, Chetty's Hot Sauce, and Ruby Soho to name a few.

Tight Knit Clothing is all about connecting us all together - our culture, and our city. We take pride in using high quality garments as our canvas. We’re family, we’re #TightKnit

- Tyler